What are the advantages of YouTube Partnership for Video Content creators?

YouTube has given the oportunity for people to monetize their video content by uploading them on YouTube and qualifying for the YouTube Partnership Program.

Here is an example of a YouTube Partner - Gauhiga, The only Indian YouTube Celebrity.

Here are the advantages of YouTube Partnership or becoming a YouTube Partner -

1) Monetization of all videos, Make money from all your Videos. Ex -

2)Allows Channel Banner Option, you can upload a Channel Banner with Out Going links as well.

Ex -

3)Allows Branding Options, If you are a Company or a Brand, you can give more Informtaion about yourself in the Branding Option - Ex -

4)Allows a Second Banner to be uploaded at the bottom left corner of your YouTube Channel. Ex -

5)Use Banner or Text or True Stream and InStream Ads on Your YouTube Videos.

These are the few basic Advantages of being a YouTube Partner.You can check out more YouTube Tricks.

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