Motorola XOOM Android Tablet 3.0 2011 Release USA Features Specs and Cost

Built and designed by a company that has seen its market share dwindling in the recent years and also as a direct competition to the Apple Ipad as well as the Samsung Galaxy tab. Motorola was not able to produce any hit mobile phones in the last couple of years after Motorola Milestone and Motorola Droid.So they have been desperate for a good seller for a while now, or else they will hit the red zone soon enough.So the Motorola XOOM Android Tablet 3.0 has been made to do just that, Dominate the market!

So is the Motorola XOOM Android any good at all?Here is some Info -
The  Motorola XOOM possesses an enviable dual core processor and Android 3.0 HoneyComb as the operating software, which is used in all the latest and best Android devices in the world.The HoneyComb software has been specially designed for the Tablet platform, which any of you tech nerds reading this will definitely know.The  Motorola XOOM is a super thin device, although not as thin as the Ipad2, but still thin enough.It features a 10.1 inch Super HD screen that has some advantages over the Apple Products.
The Tablet works with these following networks- CDMA 800 /1900 LTE 700, Rx diversity in all bands.

The Motorola XOOM also features a good 5MP camera at the back with dual LED Flash as well as a @MP front facing Camera for communication and video calling purposes.The Camera also features Digital Zoom.

One interesting feature of the Motorola XOOM is that it has Google-talk enabled, hence it can be used for instant messaging as soon as it is out of the box.

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