What is Twitter Aggressive Following and Follower Churning?Twitter Ban?

Twitter is a Social Networking site that runs on the simple concept of Following or Un-Following someone or a company or a product.Twitter has many rules and they take their rules strictly, especially when it comes to Aggressive Following and Follower Churning, which often leads to a Person being banned from Twitter.

So What is Aggressive Following and Follower Churning?

Aggressive Following happens when someone follows a large number of people in a very short time and Follower Churning happens when someone follows and Un-Follows a large number of people within a short period of time.

The Official Twitter Site says that, unless you are following and Un-Following hundreds of Twitter Users each and every day, you should be fine.

Why is Aggressive Following and Follower Churning Frowned upon by Twitter?

Twitter feels that this practice of Aggressive Following and Follower Churning can result in a bad experience for other users on Twitter and hence spoil the reputation of Twitter and it may lose some of its members.

So Where does this Aggressive Following and Follower Churning usually happen?

Usually it happens when External Websites such as Twiends which help people get Followers of similar interest and help people find others to follow who have similar interests, get abused by some people to increase their Follower count on Twitter.

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