How to Know If someone Un-follows you on Twitter Instantly?

As we all know Twitter does not give us the option to see who all have un-followed us and has given us the option of only seeing who has followed us.I am fine with this, but some people, for what ever reason it may be would like to know who is un-following them.

So, How to Know If someone Un-follows you on Twitter?

There are two simple ways that I know of to find out who has un-followed you, here they are -

1)Follow @GoodByeBuddy - This is an internet Twitter service wherein you follow @GoodByeBuddy and their crawl Bots will record who all have followed and un-followed you.All you need to do after that is log on to their website and find out the details.

2)You can register at Nut Shell Mail where they send you a list of those people who have un-followed you each day.The convenient thing about this is that they send to your E-Mail and you do not need to log on to their website.

These are the two ways by which you can come to know who has Un-Followed you on Twitter.While you are at it, why don't you Follow us on twitter for more such updates? 

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Aarav sinha said...

Thanks For Sharing, !!

I am using one android call recorder application, This application facilitates you with an option of auto upload which allows you to mechanically upload files on server, including Google drive, Dropbox, Gmail inbox, Evernote and sound cloud.

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