TabCo Tablet Launch - Features Video Sneak and Design Details

TabCo is definitely the new kid on the block, recently they have been promoting their new Product, the TabCo Tablet, which they say will literally leave the competition of Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab or even the Motorola XOOM back in the previous generation.There is so much hype created by TabCo about this new Tablet that they feel will revolutionize the market of Tablets.

Here is the Official TabCo Message on their Facebook Page regarding the Release on August 15th -

So Lets see the Sneak Peak Video of TabCo Tablet -

Honestly I did not make much sense out of the video, may be its just me.

So what are the features of this amazing new TabCo Tablet?

On the company blog WhoisTabCo.Com, TabCo CEO says that the TabCo Tablet will be lighter than 1.33lbs, which is very impressive and bigger than a 7.31 x 9.5 inch tablet, which is also impressive and the funny thing is, this is the same dimentions and weight as the iPad 2. TabCo also promises Bluetooth, USB, 3G/4G data connection, it even has the world famous Angry Birds application pre installed.The Company also says it has "something new and innovative to the tablet world regarding physical design."

Rumors -

Many believe that TabCo might be a branch of Nokia and they might be opening the Meego Software on the Tablet Platform is a Crazy new Fashion, or some others believe that TabCo might not even exist.

Well, it is August 15th, now we should see the Release today, If not then something is surely not right.

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I really do not know what to think about this new Tablet!

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