Google Nexus S Features Specs and Price

Google were bound to get into the mobile phone market soon, with all the internet advancements for Mobile Phones as well as the bloom of consumer Smart Phones such as the HTC Pyramid and iPhone 5, Google were just not able to stay out of this blooming market, and yes now they are making Google Phones, which as you would expect have high compatibility as well as applications for the Internet, especially for Google applications such as Blogger and G mail, so if you are to buy this awesome phone you will definitely not a need a computer as much as you would now.

So What is special about the Google Nexus S?
The Google Nexus is a new breed of smart phones that are more interactive with the user as well as there surroundings, with cool applications such as ShaZam, which can tell any song name and artist name just by listening to it!Awesome Right?
So we have pretty much bottom-lined the fact that the phone is awesome!Now lets get into some stuff that it has and can do.
Google Nexus S is an evolution of Google Nexus 1, which itself was not a great success.This phone has much better features than its older counterpart.
Google Nexus S features GingerBread Android software, which is the latest to be released in the evolutionary Android stream.It also sports a 1GHz processor, which is not as good as the HTC Pyramid or the iPhone 5 which are due for release later this year.The Screen is a 4" latest tech LED screen which looks a little blue for people who use it for the first time.It also has a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, as well as a well equipped front camera for video calling features.It has a RAM of 512 MB which again is not the best in the market at the present.
Google Nexus S also sports the HummingBird Processor, which was much anticipated before its release and has turned out to be pretty functional and good to use experience.

Now lets look at the internet features of the Google Nexus S-
It comes with Built in Google Maps, YouTube Application which is one of its kind and probably the best I have seen.The Phone also comes with a myriad of internet Apps from the Android Stores for customization of the phone.The navigation and browsing are a breeze with the Google Nexus S.

One Weird feature of this phone is that it is not a straight phone, it has a curved arc kind of screen, similar to that on the Sony Ericsson Arc!

To sum everything up, its the Best Google Phone and a Pretty good buy.
The Price to be updated soon!Please check back!

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iPhone 5 Apple release in 2011? Features and Specs

iPhone is an extraordinary mobile brand from Apple, who in thee past 6 to 7 years have raided the mobile phone market and dominated the touch screen mobile sector of the mobile phone market, especially in USA and India as well as in Europe.The Latest buzz with Apple and the iPhone is the release date of Apple iPhone 5, touted as the most awaited phone ever!With the previous versions of iPhone such as the iPhone 3 and 4G selling over a million sets in the first week alone, this is surely going to be a huge "thing" for Apple fans around the world.

iPhone 5 was at first rumored to be released in early 2011, but now some unknown  problems have arisen in the Apple Industry and hence caused a set back by a few months for the release of the Apple iPhone 5.So at the worst case scenario the phone will be launched by the end of the year 2011.So something to look forward to for Apple Fans.

But there has also been speculation that due to the success of the iPad, they want to wait and utilize the total market available for the iPad2 before moving on to their new product, which is of course the iPhone 5.

So here are a few FEATURES we can expect-
The Phone comes with a new 1.2 GHz processor(Rumored) and hopefully will be a dual core processor just like the HTC Pyramid.But may not feature the SnapDragon Processor like the HTC Pyramid.But the camera will see a good makeover and will probably be the best Apple camera, a space where Apple had lacked with its phones in the previous releases.Also the screen is expected to be much more scratch resistant and anti glare, hence it could be used in sunlight much more!And of course comes with all the standard quality of Apple software and hardware.The color of the iPhone 5 body is rumored to be all white, but also available in the basic black.Also there has been speculation that the phone will have better iTunes app and user interface hence making everything simpler when it comes to using iTunes, which has been a pain in the past.

So like all Apple Fans, looking forward to its release!Happy Waiting!

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Nintendo DS 3D Black The new Generation of Gaming

Nintendo became famous for its hand held gaming consoles and devices, from the very beginning when it released the GameBoy which was an international hit and especially in Japan it sold over a million sets over the first week alone, since then Nintendo has tried to always better themselves by coming up with new handheld gaming consoles as well as handheld devices, Nintendo recently came up with the DS 3D Black, which is the latest of all the Nintendo handheld gaming consoles and is an enviable possession for anyone, be it a gadget geek or just a casual gadget user.Here we will give you some Info on the New Nintendo DS 3D Black.

For the First time a great handheld device comes with a 3D screen, this will give you a whole new world of possibilities while gaming, with the normal split screen display of the original Nintendo DS which itself was very popular.If you are not such a big fan of 3D gaming then you can choose to switch of the 3D display settings, its as easy as that! But be assured that even the normal 2D games look absolutely brilliant on the newly developed screen, which has been developed by the best.

One more thing other than the 3D that the new Nintendo DS possesses,  you also get a full motion and Gyro settings so that the game reacts to your movements and hence making it a much better and richer experience for you during game-play.

The cost is obviously going to be higher than the normal DS, but at this moment I cannot give you an exact Price Tag, but it will be soon updated, so keep checking back for more!

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HTC Pyramid 2011 set for release? Amazing Features and Specs

HTC are known for their long list of high quality touch screen mobile phones which have been more targeted towards the professionals rather than the general public, but recently there have been widespread rumors about the HTC Pyramid, which is supposed to be launched by May end of 2011.I am sure the HTC pyramid will be one the most awaited smart phones of the year 2011.

There is no doubt about quality when it comes to HTC and mobile phones as they give the best to every venture they take up and this new HTC Pyramid in no different.HTC had been recently losing out to the likes of Nokia, Samsung,LG as well as Blackberry in the smart phone market due to the fact that these companies produced more "Fun" Phones while having the same smart phone features, so to counter this HTC is rumored to launch the HTC Pyramid.

One thing we can definitely say is that this HTC phone will be the best of the lot with a Dual core Sanpdragon Processor, this SnapDragon is not the same one used in other phones, it is the latest of the lot and you can expect it to be the best of the lot as well.HTC Pyramid boasts of a 1.2GHz Dual core processor which is faster than some of the older computers!This has been seen as a direct upgrade as a result of Samsung coming with Nexus phones which have around 1GHz processors, so we can expect the HTC Pyramid to perform better than the Samsung phones in this arena.Also the phone boasts of an incredible qHD screen which is 4.3".This will also be an attractive thing for customers, as now a days, surveys show that bigger the screen of the phone, more the people would want to buy it, but this is just not a mere big screen phone, but also an incredible qHD screen.Another Phone which uses this screen technology is Motorola ATRIX4G

Further Features will be updated once they are released, so keep checking back or BookMark Us. 

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Sanskrit Ancient Technology

Sanskrit is an age old language, the oldest language in the world formed by the gods in the culture rich country of India in times far gone.Yet the language holds high regard among many a scholar and Intellectual people.The great language of Sanskrit has been given the title of being the most scientific language in terms of meanings, benefits of reciting certain Sanskrit words or phrases as well as many other scientific stuff that us common minds probably won't understand.

Sanskrit has touted as the language of the gods as well as the common people, by the the people of India.This may be true as far as the language of the gods, but when it comes to language of the people, you really cannot say that as only one village in the whole world speaks Sanskrit, this village is called "Mathur" and it is found in India.The people of this town speak only Sanskrit and are hence believed to be practicing  good chanting methods and recitals, which have been scientifically proved to help the human body with many a good benefit.

The ancient Sanskrit scholars had predicted, actually proved that there existed nine planets in our solar system long before Galileo or any other famous astronaut came about. They had also given theories about how the Universe was formed, but these have been lost to time and change as they wrote on banana leaf, which could not stand the test of time.

Also it is believed that Sanskrit is so fine a language that it has been taken as the root for so many scores of other languages.

This is an article part of our Tech Articles series, where we tell our readers about some interesting stuff about Technology and its history.

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Facebook How To add Dislike button or custom to Status Update

In the Previous Facebook Trick, we saw how we can set our online status to online for some people and offline for others, If you did not catch that check out our Labels Facebook for more on that.
In this post I will teach you how to put a "Dislike" button to your Facebook Status messages or updates instead of the usual "Like" and "Comments" Buttons.

Actually this Facebook trick is an application created by a third party software and you will need to provide the third party software access to your Profile, do not worry this is just like your usual applications such as Texas Holdem or Mafia Wars, All you need to do is visit Custom Facebook Buttons, It is called status magic by the way, and type in your Status and choose whatever button you want or make a custom button for whatever phrase you want! Most used Phrase is "dislike", which is what many people wanted Facebook to have even before this Facebook Application came along!

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Prevent Muscle Sprains - How to?Tips

Muscle Sprains occur sometimes due to quick movement of muscles when your muscles are not ready for the movement yet and some other times, muscle sprains occur due heavy lifting or incorrect posture while sitting or sleeping or even while standing you can get muscle sprains, so here are a few stuff you can do to make sure that you do not get affected by Muscle Sprains and hence prevent them.

Always limber up or warm up before attempting any 'out of the ordinary' physical exercise.This is exactly why sports persons warm up before a game, all footballers,cricketers,basketball players do it, imagine even with their level of fitness, they still have to warm up before games to avoid muscle sprains, so it goes to show that for an average person like and me, its a must for warming up before intense physical activity.

Always stay fit, exercise often to maintain fitness and avoid muscle sprains.In step with maintaining your fitness, you also need to maintain your agility as this is more important in avoiding and preventing muscle sprains as when your muscles are agile you can have a whole set of other maneuvers your muscles can withstand without spraining themselves.For maintenance of fitness and agility you need to practice Yoga, hit the Gym or just play a lot of low impact sports which will keep your body in a good state.But while working out in the Gym, you need to avoid heavy weights, or at-least work up to them starting from lighter weights.Heavy weight lifting in the gym is one of the most common reasons for getting a sprain.Also to make your body and muscles withstand more, you can practice good ergonomics at your work or at your home, even while driving your car, good seating postures can avoid muscle sprains.

To prevent muscle sprains, you also need to work your core muscle, making your core muscles stronger prevents muscle sprains in the back and legs, which are got by lifting heavy stuff from the floor level.

Brace up your weak ares, where you usually get sprains such as knees or ankles.Use Bracing Tape or roll them in crepe bandage tightly to provide good support to the muscle.But make sure its not so tight that it hinders full range of muscle movement, which in itself can cause Muscle sprains.

Avoid slippery surfaces and use mats or carpet near swimming pools to avoid slipping and forming muscle sprains.This is vital to prevent muscle sprains.

Also just be aware of your surroundings and do not make any lightning quick movements which you cannot handle and you should be fine, free from muscle sprains.

Check out our other Medical and Physical fitness topics, they might be useful to you.

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Facebook appear online to selected friends and block others Trick!

Appear online only to selected people and appear offline to others on Facebook - Gautham A S

Facebook has become the biggest "it thing" in the world of internet since the first "Google search engine" was launched way back in 1998, yes it is that kind of website which changes the world forever. Google did it and now Facebook, so here is a neat trick to avoid certain friends on Facebook completely from chatting and irritating you! Just follow these steps and you will have to chat with only those who want to chat with - 

Step1) Go to Facebook! Login! See your Chat, you will find this "Friends List" Icon next to "Options" Button at the top of your Facebook chat box.Make use of this picture to guide yourself!

Step2)Once you are in Friends List, now you need to name your list.Name it whatever you want!
Step3)Now all you need to do is drag whoever you do not want to chat with and drop them into the list, I would advice you to name the list "Blocked" or "Dislike" or something, be creative! Then you can just make yourself appear online or offline to your selected "Friends". You can also use this to appear online to only those who want to chat with, either way you get a selective list of Friends.

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Hope It helped!

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How to use Digital HD Camera properly.

In the past, Digital HD cameras were an infinite rarity, but due to more and more digital companies coming up everyday, this fact has changed.Lately every second camera is a Digital HD camera, gone are those days when we used film to take photos and videos were just an imagination for the average camera owner.Now technology has improved so much that we can all create High Quality Home made videos using HD digital cameras.You can Check out one such Camera, which is my personal favorite- Sony HD HandyCam.

So now, How to use a Digital HD camera properly-

1)Always make sure you never touch the lens of the camera, some or most HD digital cameras come with very sensitive screens, which easily imprint your fingerprint on to them and make pictures blur, which can reduce the quality of the picture by up-to 30%.
Also make sure that the shutter works properly and is always closed when not taking a photo or video so that you can avoid dust accumulation on the screen of the HD digital camera.If you do find any imperfections in the photos or videos due to some stuff on the screen, take a clean cloth and just wipe it gently like how someone with spectacles would.This will ensure that you can use your digital HD camera to full potential.

2)Never let your Camera battery die out on its own, Switch it off yourself in the correct procedure, if you let the battery die out by itself, you will be making the Camera slow over a period of time.So always recharge your Digital HD camera when it shows you a low battery signal.This will also ensure that you do not lose any precious moments while making a video, like may be your baby's first steps or words!!

3)Transfer any new Photos or videos you shoot with your Camera to your compatible computer as you would want to keep a good back up of all the precious photos and videos.This will ensure that in case you lose your Camera or something happens to its storage system, you will still have all your cherished moments.
Also when taking your camera outside use the belt which most cameras come with and tie it to your hand so that you do not lose it.

4)Use a rain guard when taking videos during the rain, some of the best photos can be taken while its raining, so you would want to invest in a good rain guard, these will cover your camera during moist conditions as well.So do not use your camera when its moist outside without a rain guard, as it can easily damage the inner components of your camera.

Hope these tips helped you out!Check out our other topics as well!

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Sony Digital Handy-cam HDR-SR10E Review

 The Sony Handy-Cam HDR-SR10E is in a one line description, "A brilliant Digital Handy Camera,But a little Bulky".The Sony Handy Camera is those one of a kind revolutionary Electronic Gadgets, that Change the very dynamic of the industry to produce a different type of Camera, these kind of gadgets come by only once in a while.

The Sony Handy Cam, comes with a ClearVid CMOS sensor equipped with X.V.color as well as 1920x1080i HD Recording software and Hardware, which sets it a class apart in consumer Digital Camera market.Although it is a Digital Camera, Its main focus is to shoot HD videos, and hence it will need a lot of Storage space.
Sony have not fallen short on this issue, they have built in 40GB of storage right into the DigiCam.

This Sony Handy Cam, comes with Super Steady Shot technology, which as the name suggests reduces shaking and is of course anti blur, which most cameras nowadays are.

This Sony handy cam comes with face recognition not only during image capture but also during image capture, but also during HD video capture.It also comes with TV out using which you can check out your Photos and videos on a larger television screen.

The Sony Handy cam comes with a 2 inch LCD touch screen, which I have to say is very responsive but lacks the latest technology of Pinch zoom.
Also I found the sound capture on this particular Camera to be pretty ordinary.The navigation is all pretty easy and hence is very much user friendly.

The digital Camera also boasts of a Night Vision Infrared light source using which you can take pictures and videos even in pitch black.

The Camera lacks power battery and only last up-to 110 minutes while  taking photos and 70 minutes on HD video mode.You can choose the Video mode as well.

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How to adjust widths and select different Templates for Blogger

When you start a Blogger Blog, you will be asked to choose a template to begin with, but sometimes you may outgrow the old template and its Side bar and main posting area widths, so you would probably want to change the Blogger Template or make alterations to the Widths of Sidebar as well as posting area, so I thought it would be helpful to you to If I showed how to do these things easily.

First Sign in to blogger Dashboard.Here go to the "Design" Tab and move forward to the "Template Designer" Tab.Here you can edit anything you want including colors,backgrounds and even CSS editing, which can be useful if you are well a little computer nerdy!

Now access the Template designer, to make sure you are in the right tab, please take help of the picture i have provided.
Your Blog will appear Below.
So now you cab access the Adjust Widths Tab to change the widths of your blog.
You can also check out some of the other tabs here such as Background, Layout, Templates - where you can choose your new template.
In the Advance Section, you can edit CSS to make your blog look much more customized like mine is!
You can also check out our other Blogger Topics in the Blogger Tricks Label.
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GPS Sports Watch from Nike+ TomTom

Nike is of course the forerunner of sports technology, with various sports gear which break the technology barrier, here is one such Watch. The GPS Sports Watch from Nike which is powered by TomTom.The sports watch is every jogger, runner or free runners dream.It is also highly useful for people who are running for losing weight and to gain fitness, this might sound weird as in why would a watch help you gain fitness?But once I tell you its features, you will be in the Know Zone! Once you understand these features you will jump on the Nike+ Sports Watch Bandwagon.So here goes the Review of Nike+ Sports watch by Hudole Tech-

As you might have guessed by seeing the title that  the watch comes with a built in GPS sensor and hence can locate the wearer(Who is probably running!) anywhere around the world through satellite communication.
This will come in handy if someone is lost or something! But other than that its still a cool feature that I would love to have on my Watch, to tell where exactly I am.Genius idea by Nike+ and TomTom.

Among other features are, The calorie count application, which counts how many calories the runner has lost while running and wearing the Nike+ Sports Watch. This is what I was talking about when I said it helps reduce weight and maintain fitness.The Nike+ Sports Watch also has other good applications such as Distance counter, Motivator and Running Remainders as well as various challenges, I am guessing the challenges are something to do with completing a course in quick time or something like that.Also it has Audible sound features with many playback options.The thing about Nike+ Sports Watch that impressed me the most is the simplicity of its complex nature.It has all these cool features that I just Talked about as well as it has only three buttons, Yes, this has been intentionally done to increase simplicity and hence performance.

The Nike Sports Watch with GPS also goes along well with the Nike running shoes which are embedded with running sensors.Another amazing thing about The Nike Sports Watch is that it can be connected to a computer like a USB drive and hence the data from the drive can be uploaded to the computer and from there to the internet, to be seen by over 4 million online Nike Running community, which is growing by the day.

So thats it about the Nike SportsWatch with GPS powered by TomTom. If you liked the Review subscribe to our feeds.

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