Google Nexus S Features Specs and Price

Google were bound to get into the mobile phone market soon, with all the internet advancements for Mobile Phones as well as the bloom of consumer Smart Phones such as the HTC Pyramid and iPhone 5, Google were just not able to stay out of this blooming market, and yes now they are making Google Phones, which as you would expect have high compatibility as well as applications for the Internet, especially for Google applications such as Blogger and G mail, so if you are to buy this awesome phone you will definitely not a need a computer as much as you would now.

So What is special about the Google Nexus S?
The Google Nexus is a new breed of smart phones that are more interactive with the user as well as there surroundings, with cool applications such as ShaZam, which can tell any song name and artist name just by listening to it!Awesome Right?
So we have pretty much bottom-lined the fact that the phone is awesome!Now lets get into some stuff that it has and can do.
Google Nexus S is an evolution of Google Nexus 1, which itself was not a great success.This phone has much better features than its older counterpart.
Google Nexus S features GingerBread Android software, which is the latest to be released in the evolutionary Android stream.It also sports a 1GHz processor, which is not as good as the HTC Pyramid or the iPhone 5 which are due for release later this year.The Screen is a 4" latest tech LED screen which looks a little blue for people who use it for the first time.It also has a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, as well as a well equipped front camera for video calling features.It has a RAM of 512 MB which again is not the best in the market at the present.
Google Nexus S also sports the HummingBird Processor, which was much anticipated before its release and has turned out to be pretty functional and good to use experience.

Now lets look at the internet features of the Google Nexus S-
It comes with Built in Google Maps, YouTube Application which is one of its kind and probably the best I have seen.The Phone also comes with a myriad of internet Apps from the Android Stores for customization of the phone.The navigation and browsing are a breeze with the Google Nexus S.

One Weird feature of this phone is that it is not a straight phone, it has a curved arc kind of screen, similar to that on the Sony Ericsson Arc!

To sum everything up, its the Best Google Phone and a Pretty good buy.
The Price to be updated soon!Please check back!

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