HTC Pyramid 2011 set for release? Amazing Features and Specs

HTC are known for their long list of high quality touch screen mobile phones which have been more targeted towards the professionals rather than the general public, but recently there have been widespread rumors about the HTC Pyramid, which is supposed to be launched by May end of 2011.I am sure the HTC pyramid will be one the most awaited smart phones of the year 2011.

There is no doubt about quality when it comes to HTC and mobile phones as they give the best to every venture they take up and this new HTC Pyramid in no different.HTC had been recently losing out to the likes of Nokia, Samsung,LG as well as Blackberry in the smart phone market due to the fact that these companies produced more "Fun" Phones while having the same smart phone features, so to counter this HTC is rumored to launch the HTC Pyramid.

One thing we can definitely say is that this HTC phone will be the best of the lot with a Dual core Sanpdragon Processor, this SnapDragon is not the same one used in other phones, it is the latest of the lot and you can expect it to be the best of the lot as well.HTC Pyramid boasts of a 1.2GHz Dual core processor which is faster than some of the older computers!This has been seen as a direct upgrade as a result of Samsung coming with Nexus phones which have around 1GHz processors, so we can expect the HTC Pyramid to perform better than the Samsung phones in this arena.Also the phone boasts of an incredible qHD screen which is 4.3".This will also be an attractive thing for customers, as now a days, surveys show that bigger the screen of the phone, more the people would want to buy it, but this is just not a mere big screen phone, but also an incredible qHD screen.Another Phone which uses this screen technology is Motorola ATRIX4G

Further Features will be updated once they are released, so keep checking back or BookMark Us. 

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