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Sanskrit is an age old language, the oldest language in the world formed by the gods in the culture rich country of India in times far gone.Yet the language holds high regard among many a scholar and Intellectual people.The great language of Sanskrit has been given the title of being the most scientific language in terms of meanings, benefits of reciting certain Sanskrit words or phrases as well as many other scientific stuff that us common minds probably won't understand.

Sanskrit has touted as the language of the gods as well as the common people, by the the people of India.This may be true as far as the language of the gods, but when it comes to language of the people, you really cannot say that as only one village in the whole world speaks Sanskrit, this village is called "Mathur" and it is found in India.The people of this town speak only Sanskrit and are hence believed to be practicing  good chanting methods and recitals, which have been scientifically proved to help the human body with many a good benefit.

The ancient Sanskrit scholars had predicted, actually proved that there existed nine planets in our solar system long before Galileo or any other famous astronaut came about. They had also given theories about how the Universe was formed, but these have been lost to time and change as they wrote on banana leaf, which could not stand the test of time.

Also it is believed that Sanskrit is so fine a language that it has been taken as the root for so many scores of other languages.

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