Facebook How To add Dislike button or custom to Status Update

In the Previous Facebook Trick, we saw how we can set our online status to online for some people and offline for others, If you did not catch that check out our Labels Facebook for more on that.
In this post I will teach you how to put a "Dislike" button to your Facebook Status messages or updates instead of the usual "Like" and "Comments" Buttons.

Actually this Facebook trick is an application created by a third party software and you will need to provide the third party software access to your Profile, do not worry this is just like your usual applications such as Texas Holdem or Mafia Wars, All you need to do is visit Custom Facebook Buttons, It is called status magic by the way, and type in your Status and choose whatever button you want or make a custom button for whatever phrase you want! Most used Phrase is "dislike", which is what many people wanted Facebook to have even before this Facebook Application came along!

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