Prevent Muscle Sprains - How to?Tips

Muscle Sprains occur sometimes due to quick movement of muscles when your muscles are not ready for the movement yet and some other times, muscle sprains occur due heavy lifting or incorrect posture while sitting or sleeping or even while standing you can get muscle sprains, so here are a few stuff you can do to make sure that you do not get affected by Muscle Sprains and hence prevent them.

Always limber up or warm up before attempting any 'out of the ordinary' physical exercise.This is exactly why sports persons warm up before a game, all footballers,cricketers,basketball players do it, imagine even with their level of fitness, they still have to warm up before games to avoid muscle sprains, so it goes to show that for an average person like and me, its a must for warming up before intense physical activity.

Always stay fit, exercise often to maintain fitness and avoid muscle sprains.In step with maintaining your fitness, you also need to maintain your agility as this is more important in avoiding and preventing muscle sprains as when your muscles are agile you can have a whole set of other maneuvers your muscles can withstand without spraining themselves.For maintenance of fitness and agility you need to practice Yoga, hit the Gym or just play a lot of low impact sports which will keep your body in a good state.But while working out in the Gym, you need to avoid heavy weights, or at-least work up to them starting from lighter weights.Heavy weight lifting in the gym is one of the most common reasons for getting a sprain.Also to make your body and muscles withstand more, you can practice good ergonomics at your work or at your home, even while driving your car, good seating postures can avoid muscle sprains.

To prevent muscle sprains, you also need to work your core muscle, making your core muscles stronger prevents muscle sprains in the back and legs, which are got by lifting heavy stuff from the floor level.

Brace up your weak ares, where you usually get sprains such as knees or ankles.Use Bracing Tape or roll them in crepe bandage tightly to provide good support to the muscle.But make sure its not so tight that it hinders full range of muscle movement, which in itself can cause Muscle sprains.

Avoid slippery surfaces and use mats or carpet near swimming pools to avoid slipping and forming muscle sprains.This is vital to prevent muscle sprains.

Also just be aware of your surroundings and do not make any lightning quick movements which you cannot handle and you should be fine, free from muscle sprains.

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