Facebook appear online to selected friends and block others Trick!

Appear online only to selected people and appear offline to others on Facebook - Gautham A S

Facebook has become the biggest "it thing" in the world of internet since the first "Google search engine" was launched way back in 1998, yes it is that kind of website which changes the world forever. Google did it and now Facebook, so here is a neat trick to avoid certain friends on Facebook completely from chatting and irritating you! Just follow these steps and you will have to chat with only those who want to chat with - 

Step1) Go to Facebook! Login! See your Chat, you will find this "Friends List" Icon next to "Options" Button at the top of your Facebook chat box.Make use of this picture to guide yourself!

Step2)Once you are in Friends List, now you need to name your list.Name it whatever you want!
Step3)Now all you need to do is drag whoever you do not want to chat with and drop them into the list, I would advice you to name the list "Blocked" or "Dislike" or something, be creative! Then you can just make yourself appear online or offline to your selected "Friends". You can also use this to appear online to only those who want to chat with, either way you get a selective list of Friends.

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Hope It helped!

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