Nintendo DS 3D Black The new Generation of Gaming

Nintendo became famous for its hand held gaming consoles and devices, from the very beginning when it released the GameBoy which was an international hit and especially in Japan it sold over a million sets over the first week alone, since then Nintendo has tried to always better themselves by coming up with new handheld gaming consoles as well as handheld devices, Nintendo recently came up with the DS 3D Black, which is the latest of all the Nintendo handheld gaming consoles and is an enviable possession for anyone, be it a gadget geek or just a casual gadget user.Here we will give you some Info on the New Nintendo DS 3D Black.

For the First time a great handheld device comes with a 3D screen, this will give you a whole new world of possibilities while gaming, with the normal split screen display of the original Nintendo DS which itself was very popular.If you are not such a big fan of 3D gaming then you can choose to switch of the 3D display settings, its as easy as that! But be assured that even the normal 2D games look absolutely brilliant on the newly developed screen, which has been developed by the best.

One more thing other than the 3D that the new Nintendo DS possesses,  you also get a full motion and Gyro settings so that the game reacts to your movements and hence making it a much better and richer experience for you during game-play.

The cost is obviously going to be higher than the normal DS, but at this moment I cannot give you an exact Price Tag, but it will be soon updated, so keep checking back for more!

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