iPhone 5 Apple release in 2011? Features and Specs

iPhone is an extraordinary mobile brand from Apple, who in thee past 6 to 7 years have raided the mobile phone market and dominated the touch screen mobile sector of the mobile phone market, especially in USA and India as well as in Europe.The Latest buzz with Apple and the iPhone is the release date of Apple iPhone 5, touted as the most awaited phone ever!With the previous versions of iPhone such as the iPhone 3 and 4G selling over a million sets in the first week alone, this is surely going to be a huge "thing" for Apple fans around the world.

iPhone 5 was at first rumored to be released in early 2011, but now some unknown  problems have arisen in the Apple Industry and hence caused a set back by a few months for the release of the Apple iPhone 5.So at the worst case scenario the phone will be launched by the end of the year 2011.So something to look forward to for Apple Fans.

But there has also been speculation that due to the success of the iPad, they want to wait and utilize the total market available for the iPad2 before moving on to their new product, which is of course the iPhone 5.

So here are a few FEATURES we can expect-
The Phone comes with a new 1.2 GHz processor(Rumored) and hopefully will be a dual core processor just like the HTC Pyramid.But may not feature the SnapDragon Processor like the HTC Pyramid.But the camera will see a good makeover and will probably be the best Apple camera, a space where Apple had lacked with its phones in the previous releases.Also the screen is expected to be much more scratch resistant and anti glare, hence it could be used in sunlight much more!And of course comes with all the standard quality of Apple software and hardware.The color of the iPhone 5 body is rumored to be all white, but also available in the basic black.Also there has been speculation that the phone will have better iTunes app and user interface hence making everything simpler when it comes to using iTunes, which has been a pain in the past.

So like all Apple Fans, looking forward to its release!Happy Waiting!

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