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Nike is of course the forerunner of sports technology, with various sports gear which break the technology barrier, here is one such Watch. The GPS Sports Watch from Nike which is powered by TomTom.The sports watch is every jogger, runner or free runners dream.It is also highly useful for people who are running for losing weight and to gain fitness, this might sound weird as in why would a watch help you gain fitness?But once I tell you its features, you will be in the Know Zone! Once you understand these features you will jump on the Nike+ Sports Watch Bandwagon.So here goes the Review of Nike+ Sports watch by Hudole Tech-

As you might have guessed by seeing the title that  the watch comes with a built in GPS sensor and hence can locate the wearer(Who is probably running!) anywhere around the world through satellite communication.
This will come in handy if someone is lost or something! But other than that its still a cool feature that I would love to have on my Watch, to tell where exactly I am.Genius idea by Nike+ and TomTom.

Among other features are, The calorie count application, which counts how many calories the runner has lost while running and wearing the Nike+ Sports Watch. This is what I was talking about when I said it helps reduce weight and maintain fitness.The Nike+ Sports Watch also has other good applications such as Distance counter, Motivator and Running Remainders as well as various challenges, I am guessing the challenges are something to do with completing a course in quick time or something like that.Also it has Audible sound features with many playback options.The thing about Nike+ Sports Watch that impressed me the most is the simplicity of its complex nature.It has all these cool features that I just Talked about as well as it has only three buttons, Yes, this has been intentionally done to increase simplicity and hence performance.

The Nike Sports Watch with GPS also goes along well with the Nike running shoes which are embedded with running sensors.Another amazing thing about The Nike Sports Watch is that it can be connected to a computer like a USB drive and hence the data from the drive can be uploaded to the computer and from there to the internet, to be seen by over 4 million online Nike Running community, which is growing by the day.

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