Sony Digital Handy-cam HDR-SR10E Review

 The Sony Handy-Cam HDR-SR10E is in a one line description, "A brilliant Digital Handy Camera,But a little Bulky".The Sony Handy Camera is those one of a kind revolutionary Electronic Gadgets, that Change the very dynamic of the industry to produce a different type of Camera, these kind of gadgets come by only once in a while.

The Sony Handy Cam, comes with a ClearVid CMOS sensor equipped with X.V.color as well as 1920x1080i HD Recording software and Hardware, which sets it a class apart in consumer Digital Camera market.Although it is a Digital Camera, Its main focus is to shoot HD videos, and hence it will need a lot of Storage space.
Sony have not fallen short on this issue, they have built in 40GB of storage right into the DigiCam.

This Sony Handy Cam, comes with Super Steady Shot technology, which as the name suggests reduces shaking and is of course anti blur, which most cameras nowadays are.

This Sony handy cam comes with face recognition not only during image capture but also during image capture, but also during HD video capture.It also comes with TV out using which you can check out your Photos and videos on a larger television screen.

The Sony Handy cam comes with a 2 inch LCD touch screen, which I have to say is very responsive but lacks the latest technology of Pinch zoom.
Also I found the sound capture on this particular Camera to be pretty ordinary.The navigation is all pretty easy and hence is very much user friendly.

The digital Camera also boasts of a Night Vision Infrared light source using which you can take pictures and videos even in pitch black.

The Camera lacks power battery and only last up-to 110 minutes while  taking photos and 70 minutes on HD video mode.You can choose the Video mode as well.

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