See How your Website Looks on Different Mobile Devices and Browsers

I am pretty sure you spend a lot of time making your website look really good to the standard desktop or laptop user, but the facts are, there are a lot more number of people using mobile devices to access the net and hence your website or blog.So you better spend some time to make your website or blog give out a good experience to Mobile users.

So how can you see your Website or Blog on different Mobile devices, from Smart Phones to Flash enabled phones or an ordinary text based internet usage Mobile Phone?

There are a lot of Websites and Softwares that offer a view of how your Website or Blog looks like on a good variety of Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Etc. But not many give you an example of how your Website or Blog looks and works on different Mobile Phones and Mobile Web Browsers.

I found this tool to be really helpful to do exactly that, Here is the tool, enjoy enhancing your website for Mobile-

Opera Mobile Emulator

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