Android Malware Virus Looks like Google+ - Be Careful Android Users!

A top Internet Safety and Anti-Virus company has released a note saying that a new Malware Virus has been sent out by someone for the Android Platform which looks like the Google+ Application, which is one of the most popular Applications lately.All Android Users need to be careful about this new Malware and need to upgrade their Anti-Malware Software or just be a lot more careful about getting new applications from any source.

The Android Malware Virus is called NickySpy.C and looks just like Google+ Application.

Once the Software has booted up on your Android Smartphone, it can take over some of the most useful applications such as Making and Receiving Calls, Sending and Receiving Text Messages, Alarm Features and other important features, the Malware can also tamper with the Inbox and Outbox of your Mobile Phone.

So I hope all you Android Users are careful about these Kind of Applications.You may want to read about more Tech Articles.

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