How to Convert Your iPad into an iPhone Easily? An Application?

As we talked about in our Previous post, How to Make Calls and Send Text Messages from your Apple iPad?, an iPad is just a Big iPhone in a lot of ways.

So how do you totally convert your Apple iPhone into an Apple iPad?

Even for task we have an Application called Line2 which is now available on iTunes and Line2 is already at a version 3.3 so they have already worked out quite a few of the Bugs and Troubleshoots, so it is at a pretty reliable state at the moment.

So what is the use of this Line2 Application?

Line2 allows you to make Calls and Send Text Messages to any other phone and also allows some other functions that are available only on iPhone and not on the iPad.

Line2 provides these functions for a monthly subscription fee, which is quite affordable.

If you really want that iPhone Experience, I would suggest you go for the iPhone itself, as nothing gives you that exact same feeling, although Line2 comes close!

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