Create Your Own Facebook Social Memories Printed Book Application

Social Memories is an application that has made huge waves on Facebook and many people have started to buy the books made from this app that uses your Facebook Information to make your own customized book of all things related to your Facebook Account.

So want to know how to make your own Facebook Book?

Use the Social Memories Application on Facebook to make a book that contains all important information which includes your Relationship Status, Really Good Photos, Your Wall Account Statistics, Your Friends, How many of them are Girls and how many of them are Boys, Your Top Friends, Graphs about all vital Facebook Statistics, and all this to go with your own Name on the front cover of this Printed Book.

The Social Memories Facebook Book costs you around 32$ and is exclusive of Shipping Charges, so you may expect to pay around 50$ in Whole for the Facebook Book which is customized to your Facebook Account.

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