Tumblr Hits 400 Million Page Views a day / 8.4 Billion a Month!Traffic Stats

Tumblr is one of the Biggest Website around and I am Surprised that it is not present in the Top Ten Alexa Rank Websites in the world, this goes to show that Alexa Rank cannot be totally Accurate.

Tumblr was a Website that was getting about 300 or 350 million page views a month like a year or two ago, but now somehow the traffic for Tumblr has increased 30 fold and each day it gets around 400 Million Page Views which means at least 150 Million Unique Visits from around the world.Tumblr also rakes in 8.4 Billion Page Views a year, which is totally extra ordinary.It is estimated that Tumblr Spends millions on Server needs itself for such a high traffic website, Why not just host it on Blogger, eh?

So What is Tumblr?
A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates, bookmarklets, photos, mobile apps Etc, Which means its making a lot of Money.

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Gautham A S said...

I wish I had a site that got just 400 visitors a day, I would have been happy with that!

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