Google+ iPhone Web App Review|iPhone Native App to come soon July 2011

This is the big day, the release of the Google+ iPhone Application, well the native app for iPhone is still awaiting the green signal from Apple, but nothing to worry, the Mobile Web App of Google+ is still available for iPhone users to drool over until the main native App is released for iPhone by Apple.The Mobile Web App of Google+ has almost all the features that the native app and hence you can get a real feel of the Google+ before the native app is released.I do not know why Apple is making so much fuss about releasing a Google App, may be because they are rivals.So until now only the Google+ Android App is out

So How do I use the Google+ Mobile Web App on iPhone?

All you need to do is kick on your iOS Safari Browser and head over to , here you can download the app to your browser and start having some fun.
But with the Web version of Google+ for iPhone, you cannot use the Huddle Group Chat feature, which is one of the main attractions of the native app.But you will still be able to Stream, Share Pics Etc, even the notifications appear well in the main screen.You can also check out messages from any user who is using Google+ near you.

Well, Just wait for the Native App to use all the features.

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