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Today I would like to write a post about the best Indian Technology Blog - Labnol.Org, There is no doubt that Labnol.Org is the best Tech Blog Out there in India.The editor Amit Agarwal has spent nearly 7 or 8 years of his life developing the blog and is now reaping the rewards for such a commitment, he is getting all the good reviews, fans, money as well as a world wide recognition.He was a software engineer working for Goldman Sachs before he got into full time blogging.

Labnol.Org has an Alexa Rank of 1500, which is just awesome.The Technology Blog also has a Google Page Rank of about 5, My best blog about Multiple topics called Pet Bird Interaction is only a Page Rank 3 and Alexa Rank 180K, So it goes to show how good the Technology Blog is.Take a look at the Traffic Stats of, which was previously

The Tech Blog has about 110K followers who read it on feed-burner each day and has a lot many followers on Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Blog.

One Day I wish for my blog to have the same stats.

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sap partners said...

Oh wow. Thanks so much! I'd try and follow that blog regularly. I'm deeply interested in Technology articles, and by his alexa rank.... He must be worth something. Good week!

techandgio said...

yup, labnol is the best indian blog. It is worth following.

Technology Blog said...

Thanks a lot for sharing on insightful knowledge about this fields, I truly appreciate it!

Technology Blog

Tech Blog said...

The information technology is a hottest career and its scope is increasing with the passage of time. information technology is covering the broad range of applications in business and other sector as well.

Tech Blog

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