Why is Facebook Blue In Color?

Why is Facebook Blue in Color?
Facebook is a Social Website that was started by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and a few coders among others.Facebook takes its blue origins from the original Basis for Facebook, The two other websites, Harvard Connection Which was later renamed ConnectU and TheFacebook.Com as protrayed in The Social Network.

Both the above mentioned websites were blue in color and hence it was just auto-pilot that Facebook got the Blue Color.

When asked,  Why is Facebook Blue in Color? Mark Zuckerberg replied that he was Red-Green Blind and it only made sense for him to make it Blue in color, as he saw Rich Blue where others only saw Blue.

Also a Recent Study states that the top 50 websites in the world all have a predominantly blue outlook to their theme and hence makes some superstitious claims for the color blue and its equivalence to Success.

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