How to Become a YouTube Partner with Less Video Views and Subscribers?

How to Become a YouTube Partner with Less Video Views and Subscribers?

Many people falsely think that to become a YouTube partner you need to have like Hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of videos and hundreds or thousands of Subscribers.But this is not always the case, of course it helps a LOT if you have those stats for your YouTube Channel but it is not the Kings Rule that you need to have those stats.

Let me show with my own example, a Small YouTube Channel called MrTechBlogger where I give good videos about Technology stuff, YouTube, Facebook, Google Adsense and other Gaming and Software tips that I know of.

I have a few thousands of views on my few videos about Technology and very few subscribers, But Still I became a YouTube Partner, If you do not believe me then you can check out my Channel.Here is a Picture of MrTechBlogger Channel -

So here is what to do, first of all make sure that the few videos that you have are of really High Quality Informative Stuff or Entertaining Stuff, then apply for YouTube Partnership Program and fill in all the details, then they have provided an option where you can tell why your videos have great potential to make people watch and Subscribe to your channel, If you can convince them with a well written 500 character paragraph, then there are good chances that they will accept you to become a YouTube Partner.

All the Best and Subscribe to my Channel.

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