How to Set up use Earphones or Headphones as Mic and Sync with computer?

Earphones or Headphones can be used as a Mic by synchronising it with the computer, this process of sync of Earphones or Headphones with the computer or laptop is called setting up Headphones for Mic.

This is a very simple process, you can do this very easily, all you need to do is follow the steps -

Step1)Go to Speech Recognition in Control Panel.

Step2)Follow the simple steps given there.

Step3)Read out the sample text after which your Earphones or Headphones is set up.

We have also given a video Tutorial of How to Set up Earphones or Headphones as Mic and Sync with computer -

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Rob Wane said...

Definitely useful and I think this piece of learning offered me enough knowledge about mics and headset, Good job indeed! Keep it up!

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