Yahoo! Bollywood Movieplex - Now Watch Hindi Movies Online For Free

Yahoo! India has recently launched a new feature to enter, what they believe is a "High Profit" Industry - The Online Movie Industry.This is probably a move which has come after seeing the Success of YouTube Movies and Indian Box Office Channel on YouTube.

Yahoo! calls its new feature as MoviePlex, where people can watch Popular Hindi Movies online in an SD Format.They will probably switch over to HD after a while, but for now, its only SD.

The Indian Box Office Channel and the YouTube Movies Feature have been earning a lot of money through Online Advertising and also In-Stream Advertising.If Yahoo! hopes to earn money this way, they are surely holding back, as at the moment there are no Ads in the Movies.This gives users a really good experience but does not make any money for the Publisher.

We Expect Advertising to appear within the next couple of months, so until then you will have continuous flow of Viewing.

The Movies are also not available outside India as the market for Viewers is less.Also the MoviePlex Feature runs on Flash Software, devices without Flash will not be able to stream these Movies.Check out some other Tech Articles.

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