Facebook Messenger for Mobile Application - Features, Preview and Photos

Facebook has come up with a new Messenger Application for a wide variety of Mobile Phones and Smart Phones.This new Facebook Messenger Application will allow users to Text, Reply and have Group Chats with Friends without paying anything to the Service Providers.This New Facebook Application may be enough on its own to replace the standard way of text messaging.This App Follows along similar lines as the BlackBerry Messenger.

Features -

The Application is like a Mini Facebook Chat, The Person who you are messaging will receive the Text as a notification if they are not online, otherwise it is just like your Facebook Chat, but on Mobile.

The Best Feature about this new Facebook Messenger is that it has Group Chat, ever since Google Plus came up with Group Video Chat - Huddle, the emphasis has been on group activities online. You can add a small group of Friends and begin to chat with them, you can also Geo Tag your Location and also see your Friends Locations.Also you can upload Pictures and show them to your Friends online on the Messenger Platform.

The Facebook Messenger has yet not been released.When it does we will be the first to let you know, Share Tweet and Like this post so that others can come to know of this new Facebook Application.You may like more Facebook Tricks.

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sap partners said...

Using Facebook on my mobile is comfortable and amusing. Thank god I finally have something to do with my spare time waiting in lines, listening to boring teachers etc. God cherish modern tech!

Facebook Messenger apk said...

My only dislike is that I cannot turn off the notification chime when i get messages. My phone lives in silent mode.except when this notifies meDroidx

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