Detect Earthquakes using Apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook? Fun Application

Here is a fun Application of iPhone or iPad or even the MacBook.You can detect an earthquake, measure its intensity using these Apple Devices.Although in a real Earthquake situation, I would not recommend you using this feature instead of running for your life, so in real life this is not a really useful tool, may be useful during Tremors though.

So here is How to Detect Earthquakes using Apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook?

First of all start your Safari Browser on your Apple Device and go to this website -
Then Shake your iPhone or iPad and the JavaScript coding on the website works with the Accelerometer on your Apple Device and detects the shaking as an earthquake and also provides you with an accurate measure of the Earthquake.

Accelerometers are found in almost all smart phones these days, so be on the look out for an Android version of this feature soon.Check out more Tech Articles.

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