Google Catalogs - Shop for your Fashion Catalogs online on Tablets

Google has stepped into the world of Catalogs, it seems a light year away from Google's Initial venture of a Universal Search Engine.Google has stepped into a lot of Spheres and this is the latest, the - Google Catalogs.

This new application from Google has a lot of Good features, here they are -

Google Catalogs allow users to scroll all their favorite catalogs in Fashion, Products Etc on their Tablets and also instantly buy those Products online from Home or wherever you are.

Google Catalogs make browsing your Catalogs more fun and Interactive, as you browse the Catalogs you can tap on products and learn more about them online.You can save your Favorite Catalogs.

Google Catalogs also allows users to make a collage of their favorite products, add text, add photos and create effects and then publish it online or share with Friends.

Finally, Google has stepped into to Servicing Fashion, Great Technology Best Of Luck.

Introducing Google Catalogs -

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