Oracle Sues Google for 2.6 Billion $ after Java Copyright Infringement

Oracle the software giant is suing Google for approximately 2.6 Billion $ after it felt that Google had Infringed its Copyrights of Java Software by using the Java Software coding in its Android Software which has become a world wide phenomenon is the past one or two years, the Android Software is believed to be worth in Billions and hence Oracle Seems fit to sue Google for Billions.

Oracle and Google had a seemingly good relationship in the past but due to this recent proceedings, relationships may have been shattered although some might say it is purely business and nothing personal, well I don not feel anything personal will come in the way when there is 2.6 Billion $ up for grabs.

Google Originally estimated that it may have to pay Oracle anywhere between 1.4 Billion $ to 6.1 Billion $, and the Oracle plea also lies in this range.

This is what Oracle had to say about the Range - "Google falsely claims that Prof. Cockburn concludes that Oracle is owed anywhere from $1.4 to $6.1 billion in damages," Oracle's court filing said. "He does not. His opinion is that the total damages that should be awarded to Oracle is $2.6 billion."

Looks like some of the profits that Google made from Android is going to go to Oracle, after all its coding was used.

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