Google Social Network Google+ Vs Facebook?What are the new features?

Google+ is the new Google Social Network, a website which Google Believes is finally capable of beating Facebook at its own game, that is Social Networking.If anyone could beat Facebook, it would have to be Google, as no single individual or small time company would have been able to come up with sheer amount of work and capital required to beat Facebook in Social Networking.

Google+ Vs Facebook?
At the moment its Facebook all the way as Google has not made Google+ Live for ordinary people to use, it is currently being tested by a group of selected people to run the new website and see the flow and working of the new Social Networking Site.

Google seems to have taken a cue from Blue color of Facebook for coloring the Google Buzz website, which was mainly a flop, but new they have exceeded Buzz and added quite a few new features such as Sparks and Huddle.

Sparks is like Facebook Wall, it gathers popular Photos and Videos and displays it to the user.

Huddle is a new feature that will allow users to Video Chat in a Group.

The New Google+ is also available for iPhone in Google+ for iPhone.

Google Also seems to have done what Facebook did at the start of its venture, Exclusivity.Only a few people are allowed to use Google+, on what basis people are chosen is not clear yet.Originally Facebook allowed only those people who had a e-Mail.

Well, it is up for the world to decide when Google+ Goes Live, Until then we have to wait.

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