Page Rank 6 DoFollow Technology Blog?Good to make your blog dofollow?

I found this new Technology Blog, that says it is a Dofollow blog, I was really surprised to see a Google Page Rank 6 Tech Blog that was Dofollow, What use would it have of being a Dofollow, it already has a Page Rank of 6, it would probably have a good SEO and SERP Results so it does not make sense to be a Dofollow blog.

The Tech Blog I was talking about is JVF Consulting, I know you will probably go ahead and try to comment there, but do read the whole article and then proceed, you might pick up some useful knowledge.

Is it Good to make your blog Dofollow?

Yes or No, depending on what your blogs status is in the search engines, If your blog is a new one and you want people to notice, then you can register yourself in Dofollow Directories or write a post to say that your blog is Dofollow, it will definitely bring some other new bloggers who want to get a easy back-link to their Blog.You will probably get a lot of traffic for that post and some bloggers may even link back to you in a post saying that your blog is Dofollow.

If you have an established blog, then you may not really need to be a Dofollow, you do not need to use these tactics to get Traffic from Search.

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