God or UFO Sighting in Switzerland Glitch in Google Maps or Mystery?

Google Maps is one of the most Technologically great Inventions ever, but it too seems to have a few drawbacks and glitches, one of which was exposed by Amit Agarwal or Labnol.org, The video below is from Digital Inspiration TV for which we are thankful.

So is the Glitch in the Google Maps over Switzerland Address 47.110579, 9.227568 really a Glitch or something mysterious as many people claim?

Many of the Experts say that it was a mere Glitch in Google Maps Technology but others say that it might have been God himself or a UFO Sighting.

But if you ask me I would say it looks more like a Mountain in the sky, may be Shangri La?

You decide for yourself if it was just a Google Maps Glitch or a Mysterious Phenomenon.

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Anonymous said...

Its merely an error thats it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats What I thought as well, but it seems that some people are saying that it may be God Himself! Even some of my friends were talking about this video and they too feel it is just an error.

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